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TOPS SJA-T500-Expert Waterjet Cutting System

Superjet T500-Expert : Expert Waterjet System


T500 GL waterjet system is the cutting system for Glass cutting which has automatic lift deviced on the cutting table. The table angle for loading/unloading is 6°. The grid on the table is separable, so you could take off necessary grid from the table. This design is good for small size/shape cutting.

  • Table angle for Glass loading/unloading : 6°
  • Table height when the glass is loaded : 200~250mm
  • Roller on the front part of Catcher tank
  • Stopper on the table front : Prevent cutting interference
  • Separable grid : Improve the strength of the frame


SJA-T500-TG waterjet cutting system is designed for tempered glass cutting. Tempered glass in mobile phone and smart devices. TOPS provides high quality waterjet cutting for tempered glass through automated system of 3 Stage(Loading-Cutting-Unloading).

  • High precision cutting accuracy
  • 3 Stage : Loading-Cutting-Unloading process
  • Complete Jig System for 3 stage
  • High precision traversing gantry structure
  • Absolute configuration at TG cutting
  • Automatic optimized cutting condition setting
  • CAD/CAM/NC program interface


SJA-T500-RC is the waterjet cutting system that can be apply rotational cutting. This system is good for the soft materials like fiberglass, insulation, rubber, sponge, sound absorbtion materials that have shorter cutting time(or cut fast in speed) compare to its loading/unloading time from/to the table. There are two table/grid(pallet) for material loading. You could cut the material from the first table and you could loading the material sheet or unloading the cutting product from the second table.

  • Save the production time by rotation cutting
  • High efficient Loading-Cutting-Unloading process
  • Improve the productivity with powerful applications
  • Various design option to optimize industrial/business environment and condition


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