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TSP Glass Machining System

Tempered Glass Grinding System for touch screen pannel


Highest precision-completely-automatized grinding system

Acquire Grinding Apparatus of Thin plate glass for display / Centering JIG of thin plate glass for display Patent

Optimum Working Area

MTG-0604-TG : 600 mm(X-Axis) X 400mm(Y-Axis) X 4000mm(Z-Axis)
MTG-0403-TG : 400 mm(X-Axis) X 300mm(Y-Axis) X 4000mm(Z-Axis)

Grinding Table System

  • Configuration of high stiffness LM guide & column traversing method
  • Capable of high precision traverse in Ball-Screw traversing method
  • Configuration of strong high speed processing with 3 or 4 spindles
  • High precision system to improve the accuracy of product : accuracy of location of direct line : ±0.005mm, accuracy of recursive localization : ±0.003mm
  • Application of high output system to improve the durability of equipment
  • High speed traverse to shorten processing time : X-Axis/Y-Axis/Z-Axis : 45,000 mm/min/li>

Loading/Unloading device & jig

  • Jig of automatic center-determining method
  • Operation of jig in rack and pinion method to shorten maintenance time and improve the accuracy of jig position
  • Justification bolt method to shorten jig setting time
  • Application of individual motor operating method to shorten tool setting time
  • Application of built-in servo motor operating method to improve work efficiency & productivity

Configuration of CNC control unit with high user-friendliness and reliability

  • Application of excellent reliability through CNC servo control method
  • Whole control method of jig & loading/unloading unit
  • Function of automatic continuous operation
  • Function of manual operation control


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