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TOPS Waterjet-Only Software

TopMaster™ is waterjet-only software designed for TOPS waterjet cutting system operation. It is optimized system software to improve its cutting qualities and to reduce the input cost & time.

  • Windows PC based easy installation
  • Cutting program be performed by high compatibility NC file
  • Automatically print out cutting quotation and work reports on the screen
  • To dramatically reduce material losses and working hour through excellent nesting program

3 steps of TopMaster™ Program

Step 1 : Drawing

In this step, import the various formats of drawings or make a drawing with TopMaster™ self-CAD program. Check and correct the drawing

Step 2 : CAM

In this step, create the NC file from the drawing

Step 3 : TSM

In this step, Actual waterjet cutting is performed with TSM program which is operated by NC file.

software cutting

Drawing CAM TSM

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