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SmartCutting™ 5X Cutting

Provide tools to prepare cutting in a 5-axis cutting machine. Strategies supported are cutting with fixed or various angles in flat material. To obtain a straight cut on normal 2D parts or to make a cut in a special angle on 2D or 3D parts.

  • Taper control : Automatically adjust the nozzle tilt for actual speed so the final result will be a straight angle
  • Define bevel : Used to setup the bevel parameters by selecting a 2D part made by the “Create” command and then applying requested bevel angles on individual contours.
  • Quick bevel : An easy way to make this kind of chamfers.
  • Standard bevel : Work on normal parts. Add different types of bevel on different edges of the part.
  • Ruled bevel : The bevel part is described by a top and bottom geometry.
  • 3D-5X cutting : Possible to load a STEP, IGS or STL file made in a 3D-system and add the toolpath in 3D.

Taper control

Quick bevel

Standard bevel

Ruled bevel

3D-5X Bevel

Tile Maker Tube Cutting TopMaster™

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