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NC Code Creation

Detailed information about the commands and possibilities for postprocessing.The postprocessor is used for creating CNC-files, estimate cutting times, making reports and simulations.

  • Create CNC-file : When the file has been created it is shown in the process window.
  • Cost estimate : Calculate a cutting time, the cost for the cutting and the cost for the material
  • Job report : File name, material te be cut, Machine spec, Working hours, Cutting speed, Cutting nozzle size and other information for cutting work.
  • Simulation : Visualizes the motions as they will come out in the machine. The simulation will show a simple layout of the machine with cutting heads, drilling and marking units.
  • View code : This command opens the output file by using Notepad.
  • Order : When cutting many parts, use pre-defined methods to set up the cut order(Manual, Closest, Zig zag, Left to right, Right to left, As placed, Spread).

Code Creation

Cost estimate

Job report


Bevel Simulation

Part Creation Nesting Tool Path CAM

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