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Tool Path

There are commands to create and revise the cutting path.

1) Contour

  • all closed geometries that should be cut all the way around.
  • Single path : To control the exact start position, one click with the mouse for each geometry to cut.
  • Multiple path : The most automatic way to add all toolpath to all selected part automatically. The command knows what is inside and outside of the parts. It adds the lead-ins on places where there is no collision to other parts.

2) Lead

  • Analyze the lead-position and automatically adjust the parameters of the lead.
  • Ex) Un-cut : Automatically add a small tab on small parts that else can fall down in the tank.

3) Primary cutting path

  • Marking : A mark in the material rather than cutting through
  • Drilling : Make a drilling hole at an optional position.
  • Bridges : Create a disconnected toolpath and connects parts with a bridge.
  • Common cutlines : Used for separating parts with only one cut. Much faster than traditional cutting.

Single Path

Multiple Path

Automatic Lead



Common Cutlines

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