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TopMaster™ CAD System

1. TopMaster™ Drawing

Draw the cutting shape or parametrics or import cad file from other format to cut the material using TOPS waterjet cutting system.

1) Draw CAD

  • Draw cad with built-in CAD program
  • Simple and quick cad system which is similar to Auto CAD
  • All types of primary CAD command for 2D drawing are included

2) Import CAD file

  • Import various formats of CAD file
  • Read 2D CAD system data like DXF, DWG and etc.
  • Available to import over 17 kinds of file format

3) Draw with built-in shapes & parametrics

  • 60 predefined shape types and 8 different kinds of pipe unfolding shapes
  • Modified by simply opening the selected shape and entering the requested dimensions before inserting the shape into the drawing.
  • The “Browser” command will open a dialog box showing information about all existing parts on the drawing.


Draw CAD design

Import CAD file format

Parametrics Shape

Spur Gear Shape

Pipe(Tube) 2D plane pattern

TopMaster™ Process

T TopMaster™ CAD System

2. TopMaster™ Tool

TOPS  TopMaster™ TOOL has commands for analyzing, preparing and optimizing the geometry before starting to make a toolpath..


  • CAD file analyzing, preparing the geometry
  • Primary Commands : Clean up, Edgefix, Replace, Analyze, Boundary scan, Boundary trim, Curvefit, Poly joint, Vectorize and etc
  • Clean up : Removes double objects, overlapping geometry and closes gaps that may occur in the selected geometry.
  • Edgefix : Replaces a portion of a polyline with an arc or line to increase the quality and smoothness of the curve.
  • Replace : Replaces objects with other objects
  • Analyze : Remark if there are gaps between objects or objects are overlapped as a circle. Select the circle and press the delete key to remove gaps or overlapped part.
  • Boundary scan : This command extracts closed polylines from enclosed areas.
  • Boundary trim : Trims or deletes objects that are inside or outside a closed geometry령
  • Curvefit : Converts a polyline consisting of many short objects into a smooth curve with lines and arcs based on a given tolerance.
  • Vectorize : An opposite result as the “Curvefit” command
  • Poly joint : Join areas together or to split areas.

2) Sign Maker

Commands for making signs like Converting images to CAD vectors, converting true type fonts,

Font tracer

Image tracer

Insert images into the drawing

3) Data Exchange

Allow the import of extended file formats and analyzing and conversion of existing CNC files.

    • Supported file format : DIG, WMF, ACD, DWG, DXF, PS, EPS, GEN,GEO, IGS, MEC, ORD, TAG, TRG etc.
    • Import primary 3D format(STEP, IGES , STL) file
    • NC reader : Import CNC files and creates lines and arcs according to coordinates in the CNC file.
    • Make a table in Excel let the application generate the geometry automatically

Import IGS file

Import NC file

Import Excel


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