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TopMaster™ TSM

TSM is TOPS Superjet Man-Machine interface for TOPS waterjet cutting system which is embeded in Windows-PC.

  • Stand for TOPS Superjet Man-machine interface
  • Waterjet machining set up
  • Key board and  MPG handle use for JOG operation
  • Keyboard shorcut setting for machine operation
  • Smart Monitoring :  Maintenance monitoring program to check cumulative working hours of consumables which is interlocked with TSM
  • Automatic cutting condition set : Cutting start, pause, cancel, alarm reset
  • Integrated control : Pump, Nozzle, Abrasive, Power on/off  and Pump HP/LP button
  • Display cutting stand by or on-going drawing, NC code on the monitor
  • Dry run : Machine cutting process check with jet&abrasive off
  • Designated point cutting : Start the cutting from designated point
  • Independent zero position return for each axis
  • Set the stand by position after cutting
  • Set repetitive cutting when cut the same product from designated starting point
  • Monitor the work history record and alarm history

TSM Real Time

TSM Dry Run

Smart Monitoring System

Drawing CAM

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