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Waterjet is…

Advantages of Waterjet cutting system

TOPS Waterjet Solution

Cold Cutting Process

  • No heat affect zone(HAZ)
  • Can cut heat sensitive materials : Rubber, plastics or composite materials..
  • Prevention of heat effect of high carbon steel and high alloy steel.

No limit in cutting material

  • Cut hard, abrasion resistant steel & hard-slicing materials
  • Cut materials which Gas/Plasma/Laser cutting machine can’t cut(AL, TI, Copper alloy, STS)

Contactless cutting

  • Cut any shape
  • Various changes in the transfer method
  • Cut any materials or shapes with just one tool

Eco-Friendly cutting process

  • Scrap reproduction or reuse
  • Cut withoug gas or oil
  • Safe process without explosion risk

Advantages in cutting process

  • Fastest set up
  • Material overlap cutting
  • No internal damage & stress
  • Wide range of cutting thickness
  • Material loss is lower by narrow cutting width
  • Clean cutting surface -> Reduce finishing process

TOPS Waterjet, Do you have any furher question?

TOPS provide operation & maintenance training with customer service system. Any one who wants to know about TOPS waterjet system can take training service and we also support customized waterjet software.


TOPS waterjet solution technical service & parts inquiry

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