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Waterjet machining accuracy

Machining accuracy of watejet cutting machine?

Under 50mm thick material : Machining Tolerence 0.7~ 0.4mm,
50 ~ 200mm thick material : Machining Tolerence 1.0~ 2.0mm

Waterjet cutting machine VS Other types of cutting machine

Comparison to Waterjet cutting machine

Classification Abrasive waterjet cutting Laser cutting
Cutting Material Almost all materials Hard to cut AL, Bronze
Cutting Thickness Good for thick plate cutting (50~250mm) Think plate(12~20mm)
Material Homogeneity Non effect Changeable
Heat Release No heat affect zone(HAZ) Melting
Machining Tolerence Relatively precise with thick materials Precise(Under 10mmT)
Machine Price Lower More higher
Working Safety Safe(should be careful with jet) Laser, harmful gas, ignition
Eco-Friendliness High Low
Maintenance Easy, cheaper cost harder, higher cost
Focus of Beam Non effect effect on cutting performance
Skill Level Easy & simple Need the skill
Machining Scale Non scale Burr, Scale, Need deburring work
Interactional Sequence Interactive machine, Take from its object
Classification Abrasive waterjet cutting EDM
Cutting Speed Faster Very slow
Cutting Material Almost all material Electroconductive material
Material Homogeneity Non effect effect
Material Size Can apply to large size material for smaller material
Hole Piercing Piercing with jet Additional Piercing work is needed
Heat Release Non HAZ Heat affect
Machining Tolerence low precision higher
Cutting Preparation Simple, in shortime complicated, takes time
Machine Price cheaper higher
Interactional Sequence The waterjet cutting cost is lower than EDM but EDM has higher precision on cutting surface.
Classification Abrasive waterjet cutting Plasma Cutting
Machining Accurary Precision Rough cutting, Burr
Heat Release Non HAZ Heat affect, chemical change
Cutting Material Almost all materials Metal materials
Cutting Speed Slower Faster
Power Consumption Lower Higher
Interactional Sequence Waterjet for non HAZ, preciser cutting.

Waterjet cutting quality

Cutting Quality Grade

The waterjet cutting qualities are depending on some  fixing parameters such as nozzle size/lenght/hole size, Abrasive type/size, cutting angle, distance between cutting material and nozzle, cutting material and changeable parameter like cutting prssure/flow rate/speed, abrasive flow rate and so on.
There are 5 kinds of quality grade as per cutting speed(taper roughness) on waterjet cutting system with the same cutting conditions.

  • 1등급Grade 1
  • 2등급Grade 2
  • 3등급Grade 3
  • 4등급Grade 4
  • 5등급Grade 5

Taper difference between top/bottom side

How much differences in taper between top/bottom side of cutting material?

TOPS developed ActiveCutting™ head which can compensate taper through the cutting angle control to overcome the taper on the cutting material that is cut by vertical cutting head. The cutting accurary is  under ±0.05mm among 0.1~50mm thickness material cutting with this cutting head. The cutting quality and cutting speed are upgraded through ActiveCutting™ head, the head control the cutting angle with ±7˚ head movement.

TOPS also has advanced taper compensation cutting head named SmartCutting™ head, this head makes maximum ±60˚ angle control. The head can control and compensate the cutting angle in every moments. You could have cost reduction and production improvement by using SmartCutting™ head which consists of 5 axis cutting system for 3D shape cutting.

Cutting material & maximum cutting thickness

Which materials and how much thickness can be cut by waterjet?

Not only the various non metal materials like paper, diaper, rubber, plastic, cardboard, glass fiber, felt but also almost all kinds of metal like stainless steel, AL, TI, bronze, nikel alloy and marble, glass, tile and composite material can be cut by waterjet. Maximum cutting thickness is 200~300mmT and it depends on cutting table size and pump capacity.

Waterjet kerf width

Waterjet Kerf

Kerf is 0.5mm~1.5mm(0.020“~ 0.060”) and it depends on its cuttingmaterial thickness and nozzle(for purejet, for abrasive waterjet).  Pure WaterJet has narrow kerf[Cutting Jet width] and the kerf is 0.13mm~0.36mm(0.005“~ 0.014”).


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