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Waterjet Cutting System


t500 제품사진


Expert Waterjet System for high performance

SUPERJET-T500 Specification
Table Size Repeatability Linear Accuracy
10101050*1050*200mm) ±0.02mm ±0.03mm/.3m


T500 Expert waterjet cutting system is customized waterjet system and the aggregation of “Smart Function” which have maximized TOPS waterjet technologies.

T500 series are the most popular series from customers. It has various application in table size and cutting options to ensure the best precision waterjet system.

  • Absolute Digital Servo Control System
  • Smart Abrasive Reserve Tank : Abrasive quantitative control
  • Control system double option for customer needs(CNC/PC-NC)
  • Integrated control of Pump Unit/Monitoring(On/Off, Pressure and etc.)
  • Full Nesting(Optimized automatic nesting in accordance with material size)
  • Improve the system function through optional equipment depends on its cutting environments.
  • Various optional cutting heads : ActiveCutting™,  SmartCutting™, 3D SmartCutting™, Bevel Cutting head
  • SmartCutting™ head : Cutting speed improvement, simultaneous implementation of Bevel cutting & Taper zero cutting
  • Basic Configuration : Cutting table, SJP-6050b Pump, Vertical Cutting, Abrasive main hopper(400kg), Smart mini hopper. TopMaster™ Waterjet cutting software
  • Upgrade : Pump, Abrasive main/mini hopper, Stainless catcher tank, Cutting Head
  • Addable Option : Pump, chiller, Multi-axis head, Abrasive Removal System, Rapid water level control, Height sensor, Drilling unit, Laser edge finder, Clean door system, Closed roop system


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