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Waterjet Cutting System


SJA-T700 제품사진


Powerful Waterjet System for mass production


SJA-T700 Specification
Table Size Repeatability Linear Accuracy
4070/40150 ±0.03mm ±0.05mm/.3m


T700 powerful waterjet cutting system is developed for mass production and large sized material cutting. It can expand the cutting speed and material cutting volume with multi-gantry application.

  • Full Nesting(Optimized automatic nesting in accordance with material size)
  • Muti-gantry option applicable for T700 to improve cutting speed and productivity
  • High performance waterjet system for mass production & large sized material cutting
  • High speed/accuracy driving through high precised Helical Rack & pinion driving system
  • Improve the system function through optional equipment depends on its cutting environments
  • Vertical cutting / ActiveCutting™ / SmartCutting™ / 3D SmartCutting™ / Bevel Cutting head options are all selectable
  • Basic Configuration : Cutting table, SJP-6075i pump, Abrasive hopper(1000kg), Smart mini hopper, TopMaster™ waterjet cutting software, Abrasive removal system
  • Upgrade : Pump, Cutting head, TopMaster™
  • Addable option : Pump, Chiller, Mutiple-axis, Additional Gantry, Height sensor, Drilling unit, Laser edge finder, Closed roop system



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