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Machining Solutions

Flow Waterjet is the inventor of abrasive waterjet and
has the highest ultra high pressure (Max. 94,000 psi) pump technology.
Through Flow waterjet system using cutting technology such as bevel cutting and taper compensation,
You can maximize productivity through stable and rapid machinning works.

Waterjet Features

  • Cold cutting processPrevention of annealing effect of high carbon steel and high alloy steel
  • Ability to cut all materialsCutting different type of materials which existing gases, Plasma & laser are unable to fulfill (SUS, AI, TI, copper alloy).
  • Contactless cutting methodCapable of changing traversing method easily
  • Environmental-friendly cuttingClean cutting processing without usage of any gases or oil Safe processing without risk of explosion

Benefits of Flow Waterjet

  • The world's fastest waterjet20% faster than previous series with the fastest part cut cycle time through acceleration and deceleration control
  • Designed for maximum productivityIndustry-leading driving technology for smooth motion and fast parts production
  • Modern ArchitectureAs a leader in the waterjet industry, Ensuring peak performance from the absolute core of the system.
  • Operator Efficiency Designed for efficiency, featuring water level control, toe kick, and easy fixturing.
  • Roll Around ControlMove freely around your waterjet as you operate your system.

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