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  • TQ300 : A specialized waterjet model for semiconductor materials machining solution
  • Semiconductor parts material machining like Quartz, Silicon
  • Minimize taper by taper compensation
  • Equipped special on/off for brittle material
  • Minimize material cracking and chip generation with unclog abrasive supply control technology
  • Dual dial type abrasive mini hopper with high/low pressure switching
  • Ultra-high pressure waterjet for brittle materials




The water condensed at high pressure is jetted on the surface of the material to remove chemical substances and coatings.

  • No deformation from heat, friction & corrosion
  • Time saving up to 10 times faster than chemicals
  • Single process to removes all coating types
  • Eco friendly : releases no pollutant
Stripping range(Base material, Coat material)
Stripping range
Base material Coat material
Inconel Rubber
Titanium Abradable & Polymers
Titanium Aluminide Metal & Alloys
Stainless steel Ceramics
Aluminum Carbide

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