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  • Features

    Aqua-Dyne BlastMax ™ waterjet is widely used in industries such as industrial cleaning, surface treatment, petrochemical and hydraulic (pressurized) test, and concrete crushing.

    • Small Footprint
    • Complete range of packaging options
    • Parts precision machined for easy fit : Easy assembly/disassembly
    • Individual lightweight split manifolds : Serviceable by one person during routine maintenance
    • Aircraft quality steel : Long life, 5x less maintenance
    • Individual check valves and valve seat : Check valves and valve seat can be relapped and reused
    • Quick and easy access of all filters replacement
    • 180+ degree access to the pump : Easy access makes faster maintenance
    • Plunger conversion kits : Ability to run multiple flows and pressures for one platform
  • Model

    BlastMax™, S250 and S500 models with pressure, flow, pressure-flow, horsepower, driving, application, tool quantity information
    Model Pressure Flow rate Pressure-Flow rate HP Driving Application Tool nos
    S250 345~2,758Bar
    2400bar~24.5~30 250 Diesel Electronics Ship hull and large storage tank 2-3 guns / 1 hydrocat
    1400bar-64.26 Small tube bundle Hydraulic test 2~3
    1000bar-83.16 Medium tank cleaning
    700bar-124.74 Shipyard cleaning
    350bar-249.48 Hydraulic excavation
    S500 345~1,379Bar
    1400bar-170.10 500 Diesel High pressure crushing Auto
    1000bar-192.78 Large tank cleaning 6 or Auto
    700bar-283.50 Large boiler cleaning 8 or Auto
    350bar-563.22 Rubber paint cleaning, Maintenance 12 or Auto
  • Packaging

    Bare Shaft
    Bare shafts, Skid & Lift
    Skid, Skid & Trailer
    Enclosure, Skid-Lift-Trailer
    Skid, Skid & Trailer
  • Hydraulic Blasting

    Hydraulic blasting is applied to remove foreign debris and residues within the pressure range of 700 ~ 1,330 bar.

    • Boiler tubes
    • Heat exchanger
    • Mixer
  • High pressure cleaning

    High pressure cleaning is applied to operations such as drilling, crushing and stripping within the pressure range of 1,400 to 2,000 bar.

    • Tube drilling
    • Concrete crushing
    • Ship Stripping
    • Paraffin and crude residue
    • Heat exchanger high pressure cleaning
  • Tools & Accessories

    The choice of cleaning tools and accessories depends on what the contents (chemical byproducts, coke or cement, etc.) are, the diameter and shape (straight / curved) of the pipe and tube, the inside or outside of the vessel / tank, The nozzle and tool are determined according to the following.

    Tool system
    • Lancing equipment: Remote operation cleaning of tube bundles and heat exchangers
    • RHD: Up to 1500 'pipe cleaning, easy to work on common bending areas in piping systems, lightweight and portable for use in narrow or high working areas
    • Dump Gun: An efficient multi-use solution that allows the operator to hold the dump gun connected to the hose in the form of high pressure water sprayed with a fixed nozzle
    • Rotating gun: High-pressure water is injected by rotary nozzle, saving water in waiting for injection and reducing worker fatigue
    • Mini scrubber: With hand-held cleaning tools, you can collect blast residue by vacuum
    • Floor cleaner: 12-18 "cleaning head to clean the surface by dragging the attached body

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