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94,000psi Intensifier Pump

  • Piston/Plunger reciprocating moves to fill the water in low pressure direction while the high pressure water is discharged out from high pressure direction.

    Based on the world's only 94,000 psi Ultra high pressure technologies and a wide range of unrivaled ultra-high pressure solution categories, we provide ultra-high pressure solutions that are optimized for material and industrial properties to get high productivity on investment.


    • Dual 94,000 psi intensifiers with ECL (Extended Component Life) parts
    • Durable pump design with full intelligent controls, monitoring and communication ability
    • High efficiency hydraulic system with redundancy
    • Fully integrated with diagnostics and remote monitoring at computer console
    • Additional control panel at pump for easy operation and maintenance
  • Model

    Branding, motor capacity, maximum flow and pressure range information for HyperJet i-S and HyperJet i-D models as 94,000psi intensifier
    Model HyperJet i-S HyperJet i-D
    Brand Flow Flow
    Motor capacity 50hp, 37kw 100hp, 74kw
    Max.Flow rate 2.4 lpm 5.2 lpm
    Pressure range 500~6,500 bar

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