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Solution, Process, Materials, Application
Solution Process Materials Application
Cutting & machining Cutting Composites CFRP Spacers, ribs, blades,..
Roughing Inconel, Titanium, Stainless, Aluminum,... Blisks, Blades, Leading Edges...
Drilling Titanium, Inconel... Plugs, Nacelle Parts...
Degating Inconel, Titanium, Aluminum Lost-wax foundries
Deflashing Inconel, Titanium Forges / Blades, Landing gear
SurfaceStripping or BlastingAbradable Coatings...Vanes, Blades...
Thermal Barrier Coatings Blades, Combustors...
Knock-Out Ceramic Shells/Cores Lost-Wax Foundries


  • Over 10years experience in designing, building, running, developing, servicing…Waterjet Systems for the Aerospace industry
  • Advanced manufacturing processes and custom solutions for precision parts.
  • Provide customized software, system and service based on professional technologies and ultra-high pressure solution



Ultrahigh-pressure abrasive waterjet (AWJ) cutting and machining is an excellent solution for processing advanced materials, including titanium, super alloys, and composites.

  • Processing advanced materials like titanium, super alloy, composites
  • No heat affection
  • No geometry limitation.
  • No pressure transmitted to the part
  • Unique work with full 3D cutting
  • Comprehensive and intuitive user interface
  • Green environment with soundproof enclosure and effluent water treatment




The water condensed at high pressure is jetted on the surface of the material to remove chemical substances and coatings.

  • No deformation from heat, friction & corrosion
  • Time saving up to 10 times faster than chemicals
  • Single process to removes all coating types
  • Eco friendly : releases no pollutant
Stripping range(Base material, Coat material)
Stripping range
Base material Coat material
Inconel Rubber
Titanium Abradable & Polymers
Titanium Aluminide Metal & Alloys
Stainless steel Ceramics
Aluminum Carbide



High pressure waterjet blasting is the ideal solution for ceramic shell and core removal on any investment, lost wax, or plaster casting for any material.

  • Preserve delicate parts with thin walls and/or sharp edges
  • Knock out and core removal of any investment, lost wax, or plaster casting
  • Ideal for complex 3D super alloy parts
  • A single process removes both shell and core
  • No chemicals or toxic waste
  • Fast, repeatable process
Blasting material
Blasting material
Super alloys

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