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60,000psi Direct Drive Pump

  • Generates high pressure and flow rate to driving 3 or more pistons through high speed rotation by electric motor.


    • The best energy efficiency
    • Warning/Self-diagnosis
    • Stable low-pressure piercing
    • The longest consumables life cycle
    • Flexible low/high pressure control
    • Economic initial introduction cost
    • Easy PLC monitor control
  • Model

    60,000psi Direct drive pump, providing branding, motor capacity, maximum flow and pressure range information for Hyplex Prime-T, Hyplex Prime 30, Hyplex Prime 50 models
    Model Hyplex Prime-T Hyplex Prime 30 Hyplex Prime 50
    Brand TOPS Flow Flow
    Motor capacity 50hp, 37kw 30hp, 22kw 50hp, 37kw
    Max.Flow rate 5.1 lpm 3.2 lpm 5.1 lpm
    Pressure range 500~4,100 bar

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