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Provide customers with the most appropriate waterjet process solution.

Machining Solutions


  • Be precise – Enclosed precision waterjet solution


    • Highly precise waterjet solution
    • Fully enclosed system for pristine cutting environment
    • Rapid total part processing
    • Minimal floor space required (small footprint)
    • Engineered to order to meet your application requirements.
  • Specifications

    • Linear Positioning Accuracy± 0.02 mm/0.3m
    • Repeatability± 0.01mm
    • Rapid Traverse Maximum15,000 mm/min
  • Model

    Information on the scope of the 1206 model (Bridge, Base, Z-Axis)
    NanoJet 1206
    Working area mm Bridge mm 1,250
    Base mm 650
    Z AXIS mm 150
  • Technologies Data

    Data Center
  • Software

    • Waterjet-only software designed for NanoJet operation.
    • Optimized system software to improve its cutting qualities and to reduce the input cost & time
    • Windows PC based easy installation
    • Cutting program be performed by high compatibility NC file
    • Automatically print out cutting quotation and work reports on the screen
    • To dramatically reduce material losses and working hour through excellent nesting program
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