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Removal solution

Based on Shape Technologies' ultra-high pressure technology,
we have secured a variety of models optimized for industrial applications.
Through solutions capable of outputting
the world's highest pressure (up to 55,000 psi)
and wide range of pressure contorl,
can improve the work productivity.

Applications for Industrial
removal solution

  • Removal of paints / coatings on large structures such as ships and automobiles
  • Removing / cleaning foreign bodies of industrial infrastructure such as heat exchanger, tube, etc.
  • Hydraulic (pressurized) test for safety or certification
  • Tube boring
  • Concrete crushing

Applications for Parts removal solution

  • Aerospace, Semiconductor core parts coating& substances removal
  • Knock out and core removal of any investment, lost wax, or plaster casting remove
  • breakable burrs injection, steering, and braking parts of automotive
BlastMax™ Husky
For parts

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