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60,000psi Intensifier Pump

  • Put high pressure water out to the tube while the low pressure water goes in to the opposite side of intensifier through piston/plunger reciprocation.


    • Maximum Pressure : 4,100 bar / 60,000psi
    • Standard structural high pressure parts design & production
    • System stabilization through large capacity of accumulator
    • Convenience of maintenance due to front/rear open door structure of upper cover
    • Self-Warning & diagnosis function through PLC control
  • Model

    Branded, motor capacity and maximum pressure on SJP-6050i, SJP-6075i, UltraJet 60i-S, UltraJet 60i-D models, 60,000psi intensifier pump
    Model SJP-6050i SJP-6075i UltraJet 60i-S UltraJet 60i-D
    Brand TOPS TOPS Flow Flow
    Motor capacity 50hp, 37kw 75hp, 56kw 50hp, 37kw 100hp, 74kw
    Max.Flow rate 3.8 lpm 5.7 lpm 3.8 lpm 7.5 lpm
    Pressure range 500~4,100 bar

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